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Below you will find the recipe for Korean Rice Wine/Makgeolli (Hangul: 막걸리 ). I have brewed this several times, taking very detailed notes to ensure I can get a consistent, great tasting, and strong brew each time.

Korean Rice Wine or Makgeolli (Hangul: 막걸리 ) is also known as "makkoli", "makoli", "makguli", "makgoli", "makeolli" or "makuly (takju)". It is a nutritious drink full of probiotics, and is delicious! It also packs a good punch with 8-16% alcohol.

Makes About 3 gallons.


  • 10 Cups Washed Rice
  • 12 Cups of Water (Filtered is fine) to cook the rice
  • 16 Cups of Water (To add to Brew, when making the wine)
  • 16 Cups of Water (To cut the Rice Wine when it's ready)
  • 3 Cups of Nuruk (Powdered Enzyme Amylase)
  • 2 Packages of Dry Yeast.
  • 1 Cup of Sugar (Optional)


Cook the Rice & Prepare the Rice Wine for Brewing

  1. Prepare 10 cups of washed rice in either electric pressure cooker, stove-top, or rice cooker.
  2. After rice is done cooking, spread out on cutting board or pan to cool down. (So you can handle it)
  3. Scoop rice onto dehydrator sheets, and dehydrate at around 160° until crispy outside, moist internally.
  4. When dehydrating is complete, break parts into a Korean Clay Pot or container that can hold.
  5. pour in 3 Cups Nuruk, 2 Packages of Dry Yeast and 16 Cups of Water
  6. Stir the mixture up until all ingredients are combined.
  7. Place Cheese Cloth over the top, and put the lid on. Place in a warmer area of the house. (Not more than 80° or it will sour)

Maintain the Brew

  1. Every day, stir the mixture up twice a day. When you open, you'll notice it's generating heat and bubbling. (This is good)
  2. Entire brewing process takes about 1 week. When the bubbling slows down, or stops, fermentation is complete. However, let it run a full week.

Final Stages

  1. Once a week has passed, get a cheese cloth (Or Nut Bag) and scoop mixture into the bag\cloth.
  2. Squeeze to get the liquid out, which will leave behind what looks like a dough ball. (This can be thrown away)
  3. Add 16 cups of Water to cut mixture, along with 1 cup of Sugar (Optional)
  4. Mix well, and bottle leave room at the top as mixture will continue to ferment and have bubbles.
  5. Chill, and enjoy!
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